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Welcome to Benelux

Here at Café Benelux, we are inspired by the great Grand Cafés of Lowlands Europe where neighbors, friends, families, colleagues, enemies, and allies alike meet at all times of the day for coffee and tea, snacks and meals, bier, bubbles, and bloodies. These storied Grand Cafés are deeply etched into the fabric of their neighborhoods and communities.

In the beating heart of the Third Ward neighborhood, we strive to capture this exact spirit of a Grand Café and its multi-faceted visits. Sip on a latte alongside our weekday breakfast menu, laugh with friends over a rooftop happy hour, or toast over a celebratory dinner.

Bier is central to a Grand Café. With over 40 bottles and 30 draught biers, we pride ourselves on our expansive bier program that features award-winning Belgian imports and Belgian-style ales. As one of only nine Orval Ambassadors in the United States, we take our bier lists very seriously.

To put it simply, Belgians do it differently. The world’s best bier lists are consistently topped with Belgium brewers due to generations-old brewing processes, yeast strains, and legendary patience in brewing times.

Through our travels across the Benelux region, we met people who became friends quickly. Some of these people just happened to be world-class brewers, and thus Lowlands Brewing Collaborative was born. You can exclusively find these biers at our café and other Lowlands Group restaurants.

In the crux of the Third Ward neighborhood, our building harbors a diverse past. Where our grand café now stands, once stood a drink-slinging saloon, a produce wholesaler, and even an alleged speakeasy at one point.

We enjoy repurposing little bits of history, from our landmark building to the recycled details within: the floor, made out of an old school gym, the bar, constructed from Milwaukee-landmark bricks, and the tables, fashioned out of old bowling lanes.