Thought the rooftop at Café Benelux was only the best seat in Milwaukee during the summer? Think again with the launch of Milwaukee’s most unique winter experience, the Lux Domes: Six private domes that seat eight, paired with festive food and beverage packages designed to help you celebrate the season.

New this year!

Lux Chalet

Eclectic dining, exclusive views

Thank you for another great year of the Lux Domes! We’re already looking forward to next year’s Lux Dome season, but until then, we’ll be enjoying spring and summer on the patios.



Six private domes, complete with unique seating accommodations, cozy decor, and a heater that takes the edge off the weather.



Each dome seats up to eight guests. All guests must be 21+ no exceptions.



You’ll have 90 min to enjoy your private dome. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in to ensure more time to enjoy!



Every Lux Dome experience includes keepsake camp mugs for your party to take home and enjoy, plus a select beverage package of your choice!



When you book your Lux Dome you may preorder food platters. Your group may also order off the regular Café Benelux food menus during your reservation.



Each $200 reservation includes a beverage package of your choice that will be waiting in your winter experience when you arrive. You may order more food beverages during your reservation


What are your safety and sanitation processes?

Each Lux Dome is scheduled with staggered reservation slots to ensure groups arrive and exit at different times. We have also built in 30 minutes of cleaning and sanitation between each reservation slot and will thoroughly vent to allow for proper air flow.

What does the pre-booked reservation include?

Every Lux Dome experience includes a private dome for up to 8 guests for 90 minutes, a keepsake camp mug for each person to take home and enjoy, plus a select beverage package of your choice!

When should we arrive for our reservation?

We ask that your party arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in prior to your reserved 90-minute reservation time. If your party shows up late for your reservation, we, unfortunately, cannot extend the length of your rental.

Are there age restrictions for the domes?

All guests must be 21 years of age or older. No exceptions.

Is smoking allowed in the domes?

Absolutely not. It is prohibited by Wisconsin law. Any guest found smoking will be asked to leave immediately along with their entire party, with no refund granted. Open flames of any kind are also not allowed on the rooftop.

Are the domes heated? How should I dress?

The domes are equipped for the ever-changing seasons Wisconsin offers. These unique spaces are outfitted with infrared heating and fresh air recirculation. Please come dressed with a hat, gloves, and a few layers that you can adjust to your own individual comfort level. Heck, bring a snuggly blanket! While the temperature can change in your dome, WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HEATER!

What happens in the case of inclement weather?

In the case of extreme cold, blizzards, or dangerous icy conditions, we may need to cancel reservations to ensure safety and your comfort level. In these cases, you will be notified via email about an option to reschedule your booking or receive a complete refund. We will make every attempt to make the cancellations well in advance of your reserved time, but reserve the right to make fully-refunded cancellations in the case of emergent weather conditions at any time.

Are pets allowed in the domes?

Much like sled dogs of the Arctic sleep outside of igloos, pets are not allowed in the Lux Domes. Local laws prohibit us from allowing pets on our rooftop deck.

What happens if we damage the dome?

Domes are inspected and cleaned after every party, and though unlikely, should any evidence of damage be found after your visit, a fee of up to $200 will be charged.

Can I bring my own tunes?

There are bluetooth speakers in each Lux Dome that can be used by our guests. We do ask that volumes are kept at a reasonable level to not disrupt neighboring guests.


Can I bring outside food and drink?

No outside food or beverage is allowed in the Lux Domes and sneaking anything in makes your group subject to being asked to leave before your reservation end time.

Can I order items off of the regular Café Benelux menu?

Yes. In addition to the packages that you select when you book your dome,  you may also choose to add on additional packages or order off the regular menu when you arrive, or during the first 45 minutes or so of your stay.

Can I edit my food or drink selections after making the reservation?

Yes, you may add or delete any pre-ordered food or drink selections at any time before 24 hours of your reservation by reaching out to luxdomes@lowlandsgroup.com


Rescheduling & Cancellations

If you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation for any reason, guests will need to reach out to luxdomes@lowlandsgroup.com. Cancellations, refunds and reschedules will not be accommodated within 24-hours of your booking date. Cancellation Policy: If your cancellation is at least 24 hours in advance, you will receive a full refund.

Can we split the cost on multiple cards?

The online payment you make for your base package must be paid with a single credit card at the time of booking your dome. Any additional food or beverage packages you select online while booking—or add-on during your stay—can be split when settling your final tab for those items before leaving your dome.

Can I use a Lowlands Gift Card to pay?

The online payment you make for your base package reservation must be paid with a credit card. Any additional food or beverage packages you select online while booking—or add-on during your stay—can be paid for with a Lowlands Gift Card when settling your final tab for those items after your reservation.

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