Thought the rooftop at Café Benelux was only the best seat in Milwaukee during the summer? Think again with the launch of Milwaukee’s most unique winter experience, the Lux Domes: Six private domes that seat eight, paired with festive food and beverage packages designed to help you celebrate the season.



We have six private domes, complete with lounge-style seating for eight, festive lighting, and a heater that takes the edge off of winter.



Each dome seats up to eight. Have more than eight? Get another dome. Have fewer? Invite more friends! (21+ only)



You’ll have 90 min to enjoy your private dome. Please arrive 15 minutes early to check-in to ensure more time to enjoy!



Every Lux Dome experience includes keepsake camp mugs for your party to take home and enjoy, plus a select beverage package of your choice!



Our food and beverage menus are designed to be shared, with all packages including at least 8 servings each.



When you book your dome, you will select additional food and beverage options that will be waiting in your dome when you arrive.


Check back often for new slot openings.


The Lux Domes have limited availability, so you’ll need to book quickly to secure your most preferred date and time. All guests must be 21 or older, and we highly encourage you to review our FAQ section below for full details. All bookings must be made online.


Check availability for the date & time you’d like to book.


Select any additional food or beverage packages you would like.


Make an online payment for your base package.
(You’ll pay for any additional add-ons at Café Benelux. See FAQ for details .)


Show up with seven friends and enjoy your dome!

Sold Out?

We will be releasing addition reservation slots throughout the season. If we are currently sold out, please sign up for our email newsletter to be notified when new slots open.


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Food & Beverage Packages

Every Lux Dome rental includes a base package of keepsake mugs and your choice of a Hot Toddy, Mulled Wine, Hot Cocoa or Bier beverage package with service for 8.

Additional Add-On Packages

You may add-on as many additional food or beverage packages as you would like. Every package offers service for 8 and cannot be ordered a la carte. All add-on packages will be paid for during your visit at Café Benelux, not online. However, you must select which packages you would like at the time of booking.


Each serves 8

Mulled Wine $55

House-made German glühwein served warm with a cinnamon stick

Hot Toddy $55

A classic winter warmer made with Bulleit Bourbon, honey, and lemon

Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows $35

Creamy, house-made hot cocoa with super-sized marshmallows

Rumchata Cocoa $55

Creamy, house-made hot cocoa with super-sized marshmallows with extra warmth provided by a side of Rumchata

Lowlands Brewing Collaborative Bier Sampler Package $55

Enjoy a half-liter carafe of each of our exclusive bier collaborations: High Speed Wit, Central Quadder, Hollander IPA, Theresa, and Seasonal Bier

Bubbles Package $65

One bottle each of Pesifero Frizzante sparking wine and Adami Prosecco

Bloody Mary Package $55

Our traditional bloody mix with a pickle, olive, cheese curd garnish, and High Pilsner chaser

Mimosas Package $55

Traditional mimosa with champagne and orange juice

Benelux Cocktail Sampler Package $55

Two Benelux tap brandy cocktails to share with your own garnishes


Each serves 8*

Local Cheese Platter $40

Carr valley glacier point blue, carr valley smoked sheep’s milk cheese, sartori montamore, roth sriracha gouda, grapes, strawberries, crackers

Charcuterie Platter $40

Capicola, genoa salami, prosciutto, dry cured chorizo, pickled red onions, pickles, apple jalapeño jam, door county cherry chutney, crostini

Seafood Platter $40

Spiced shrimp, seared rare sesame tuna, mango shrimp ceviche, seaweed salad, herb garlic cheese, crackers

Hummus Platter $25

Roasted red pepper hummus, roasted parsnip & mini sweet peppers, raw cucumber & carrots, crackers

Pickled Platter $30

Pickled asparagus, rainbow carrots, cauliflower, pearl onions, stuffed queen & kalamata olives, mixed nuts

Dessert Bites Platter $25

Oreo, caramel apple, lemon berry, marble cheesecake bites, strawberries

Interested in a Private Event?

Interested in a private Lux Domes event? Call 414-627-2789,
email us at party@lowlandsgroup.com to inquire.
Availability is limited.

Interested in a Private Event?

Interested in a private Lux Domes event? Call 414-627-2789, email us at party@lowlandsgroup.com to inquire. Availability is limited.


What does the base package include?

Every Lux Dome experience includes a private dome for up to 8 guests for 90 minutes, a keepsake camp mug for each person to take home and enjoy, plus a select beverage package of your choice! See our Food & Beverage Packages for beverage options.

How long does a dome rental last for?

Each rental lasts for 90 minutes. We ask that your party arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in prior to your reserved time. This will give you more quality time in your dome! We prefer that your entire party arrive before seating your dome. This allows us to seat you all at once and limit the number of times the door to your dome will need to be opened, thus keeping you warmer!

What happens if our party shows up late?

If your party shows up late for your reservation, we, unfortunately, cannot extend the length of your rental. The domes are in high demand and are generally booked back-to-back to allow as many guests to enjoy them as possible. As an example, if you show up 30 minutes late, your rental would be for 60 minutes rather than 90. Partial refunds will not be issued for parties arriving late.

How many people can fit in each dome?

Each dome seats up to 8 guests, with a variety of both bench and upright chair seating. It is lounge-style seating, so there is a coffee table, but no “dining” table. Think of it as akin to sitting around a campfire and sharing food and drink, but with fewer mosquitos.

What if we only have 4 people, do we pay half-price?

Sorry, every dome rental and package is the same price regardless of the size of your party size. All food and beverage packages contain 8 servings. If your party is smaller than 8, we’d suggest inviting more friends! Outta friends? Invite some people from off the street!

Are there age limits for the domes?

All guests must be 21 years of age or older. No exceptions.

Is smoking allowed in the domes?

Absolutely not. It is prohibited by Wisconsin law. Any guest found smoking will be asked to leave immediately along with their entire party, with no refund granted. Open flames of any kind are also not allowed on the rooftop.

Are the domes heated? How should I dress?

They are “heated”, but you will be sitting on a rooftop, in winter, in Wisconsin, separated from the cold winter by a thin membrane. Each dome includes a small, electric heater that will take the edge off of the chill, but please come dressed for a winter activity! It may take a bit of time after the door is opened to reheat your dome. The domes also include small windows for ventilation if desired. Please come dressed with a hat, gloves, and a few layers that you can adjust to your own individual comfort level. Heck, bring a snuggly blanket! While we welcome you to change the temperature in your dome, WE ASK THAT YOU DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEATER! It has been placed to prevent damage to the outer shell of the dome. Any heater moved during your stay may result in a charge for damage to the shell or the frame of the dome. Maybe let someone else sit closer to the heater for a while, Jeff. If you require assistance with your heating unit, please ask a Lux Dome host.

Will the domes ever close for inclement weather?

In the case of extreme cold, blizzard, or dangerous icy conditions, we may need to cancel reservations to ensure safety and your comfort level. In these cases, you will be notified via email about an option to reschedule your booking or receive a complete refund. We will make every attempt to make the cancellations well in advance of your reserved time, but reserve the right to make fully-refunded cancellations in the case of emergent weather conditions at any time.

Are pets allowed in the domes?

Much like sled dogs of the Arctic sleep outside of igloos, pets are not allowed in the Lux Domes. Local laws prohibit us from allowing pets on our rooftop deck.

What happens if we damage the dome?

The domes are strong, engineered, structures that are designed to withstand 30+ mph winds and 90+ pounds of static snow load. That being said, they are constructed of lightweight materials that can be damaged by impact, heat or puncture. We ask that you take precaution when moving in the domes and refrain from touching the walls or grabbing ahold of the frame. The domes are inspected and cleaned after every party, and a damage fee may be added should any evidence of damage be found after your visit.

Can I bring my own tunes?

For the enjoyment of the guests in neighboring domes, we request that you do not add your own soundtrack to the experience. Especially you, Jeff.

What is the restroom sitch?

All Lux Domes guests are welcome to use the indoor, fully-heated restrooms on the first floor at Café Benelux. We’d recommend using the facilities before going to the roof to avoid unnecessary opening of your dome door.

What is there to do inside the domes?

With the domes having a roughly 11-foot diameter, your party should be composed of the type of folk that aren’t too weirded out inside a full elevator. There will be a lot of sitting around in a circle watching other people eat and drink, so some pleasant conversation would be a great next step. Maybe bring a game? But bring the kind of game that you could play in a full elevator, because table space is at a premium for you board game fans. Think Cards Against Humanity, Head’s Up, etc. You know, like if you were an astronaut and were allowed to bring a small item to space for your amusement, but had to be small, lightweight (DO YOU KNOW HOW EXPENSIVE ROCKET FUEL IS?!!), and able to be played in the weightlessness of space where there is no surface to play a board game upon. If your game fits that criteria, it would be great in our domes, which do look kinda sorta futuristic.


Can I bring outside food and drink?

No outside food or beverage is allowed in the Lux Domes. Including that flask in your inside breast pocket, Jeff. No one wants your hardy, winter lip germs Jeff.

Will there be servers that we can order more food and drink from?

In addition to the packages that you select when you book your dome, a dome host will stop by periodically to see if you would like to add any more food or beverage packages to your tab.

Can I order items off of the regular Café Benelux menu?

No. The food and beverage options for the Lux Domes were designed specifically to be shared amongst a large group, in cozy quarters, on a rooftop, in winter, in Wisconsin. Because there is no dining table, all food items are finger-friendly and served on platters. Warm beverages are served in large thermoses, ensuring they remain hot throughout your stay. For those who would like a beverage other than what is in our packages, we’d recommend arriving early and ordering and paying for your beverage of choice from the bar and carrying it to your dome when your party is seated.

How long do we have to finish our food and drink?

Each Lux Dome rental is for 90 minutes, giving you ample time to finish any food or drink you ordered in advance, which will be ready for you when arriving at your dome. You may order more add-on food and beverage packages during your stay, but additional orders should be made in the first 45 minutes of your visit to give you ample time to finish your items. In the unlikely case that you do not finish in your 90-minute stay, we will do our best to accommodate your group inside Café Benelux by moving your food and drink indoors, depending on capacity. We strongly recommend planning ahead and finishing your food and drink inside your dome, however. And of course, you are welcome to visit our bar or stay for dinner after your dome visit as well. Please note that any alcoholic beverages not consumed on site cannot be taken off of restaurant premises.

Can I upgrade or change my mind on food or drink selections when my group arrives?

We cannot remove any of the food or drink items you selected when booking online. However, it is possible to add on additional food and beverage packages when you arrive, or during the first 45 minutes or so of your stay. Please note, however, that due to the availability of some items (mostly food items), we may not be able to fulfill your request. The best way to ensure your food and beverage packages is to order them when completing your initial online booking.


Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Yes, you may cancel your reservation for a full refund at any time before 24 hours of your reservation. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (or no-shows) will be charged the full amount, no exceptions. To request a cancellation, email us luxdomes@lowlandsgroup.com, making sure to include the booking confirmation number found in your original confirmation email.

Can I change my reservation date or time?

Yes, as long as it is before 24 hours of your reservation and we have additional booking slots open, you may change your reservation. You may modify your reservation using the link on the email confirmation you received for your original reservation. If we do not have additional times available, you may request a full refund if it is before 24 hours of your reservation.

I made a reservation online and reserved a food or beverage package, when and where do I pay for food and beverage?

The base package is $200 and includes a private dome for 8 people, for 90 minutes, a keepsake camp mug for each member of your party, plus a select beverage package of your choice. The payment for the base package is made online at the time of your booking. Additional food and beverage packages that you select when booking will be paid for during your visit at Café Benelux. These additional packages will be added to a tab when you arrive. Any additional items you add during your visit will be added to your tab, which you will then settle before leaving the dome.

Can we split the cost on multiple cards?

Sort of. The online payment you make for your base package must be paid with a single credit card at the time of booking your dome. Any additional food or beverage packages you select online while booking—or add-on during your stay—can be split when settling your final tab for those items before leaving your dome.

Can I use a Lowlands Gift Card to pay?

Again, sort of. The online payment you make for your base package must be paid with a credit card. Any additional food or beverage packages you select online while booking—or add-on during your stay—can be paid for with a Lowlands Gift Card when settling your final tab for those items.

Can I host a private party/event in the Lux Domes?

Yes, but with some restrictions. Our events team (who can be reached at luxdomes@lowlandsgroup.com) is happy to discuss options with you, however, please note some important details before reaching out – The Domes cannot be moved from how they are set up, meaning you cannot rotate or push multiple Domes together. If you were to book a whole group or party, guests cannot flow between Domes, space is tight and this creates traffic and temperature issues that would interfere with enjoying the Lux Domes experience.